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Pulau Samosir, first approach

Samosir, Indonesia, North Sumatra. Great Island inside a praehhistoric vulkan sea. My first visit in Pulau Samosir 2015

overcast 23 °C

Our first visit in Pulau Samosir.

Here some remarks about wounderful stay at this special island in the Danau Toba.
Five nice days in Tanah Batak in May 2015.
Nice remembers to Pulau Samosir. Short time only...

(This article will soon completed with additional views).

Like photo shows, the view at the Danau Toba is real great while realising that is here in so about 700 m over sea level roundup with mountains.
First photo here while on the way around Danau Toba


Next here great from a viewpoint near Merek, far over inland sea level..

Near Parapat we see the entrance door to this regional center at Danau Toba

At little harbour site in Jln. Ajibata we take a ferry and start in this biggest inland sea in Indonesia.
On sea level the view is great in special to north /south direction seems no horizont.


Inmid the sea we changed the ferry- not so easy, but the sea was without waves, and it seems it was a usual procedure there. All ships at Danau Toba are good connected via handprone. (Sms and phonecalls usually going, but of course internet only near the "Menara Telcom" near greater villages.)


Following an invitation of our friends, we quick arrived to Silimau Lombu - on of the little villages in Samosir southeast coast.
As usual at Silimalombu the coast area place was usually very small with a nice ways and nice views over the sea - one better than another!
Over it a coastwall the land is rising 200 until 300m up to of the higher inner area of Pulau Samosir (in earlier time the center of the ancient Toba volcano).

Nice view from beachside to the Tugu Raja

Map of Danau Toba

Only a map (like here at photo about the Danau Toba geopark) allows to overview this island in the old volcano. The Samosir is quasi the old central mountain in the mid of the Caldera of the prehistoric Toba volcano. If want to see more (in Bahasa Indonesia)

Weather in Danau Toba

At coast can be nice weather maybe a little breeze- the microclima in windshadow of the wall and under the big trees.

Just 50 metres at open water the full sea wind will affect boat and passengers. So if you like sitting at the top, don`t forget a pullover!
Additional is the Danau Toba is so 700 metres over sea level- so of course a little colder before sunrise!
Sometimes at the mountain some white clouds- looks very nice with big trees in front.

Jalan Jalan di Pantai Sanosir

Every time a good idea wandering at the beachpath in little village Silimalombu, following the beachsite.
The place between the mountain and the beach is small, but nice to remember now, more than a half year home again far away.

Near the honorable Mango trees or under the colourful red flowered Hibiscus at beach are quiet place to have a rest in the heat of the day. Nice to remember sitting under the whispering trees the storys of Danau Toba...-

Inside village nice views..

Nice Beachway at Desa Silimalombu

Near the little village we stay, are nice ways connecting the villages each other . The street connecting the villages goes a little higher. So we had here a nice undisturbing way for walking under the mighty trees.

Nice places to have a rest and see over the Danau Toba from north to southeast.
The view from the mountain over it might be better but unreachable without good shoes!

In front fishery sight- the fisherman of village have a dock to dry fishes - Ikan-Ikan, wild fishes of danau Toba - one special of Danau Toba.

Last photo shows an nice little fishpond of the village people.
By the way- there is real better, more clear water (maybe by the green waterhyazynts).

Nice old tropical Trees

In some areas, so around our little village Silimau Longu much old honourable Mango trees are still there-
the familys of the Raja and the villagers save them.

Remembering my first impression standing at seeing point near Merek in Danau Toba north: Not much much tropical trees, special at the hillsides....The great belt of trees around Danau Toba, the "jungle" which was described so more than 150 years ago by the first Missionars like Msg. Dr. Nommensen or by first travellers - now it seems, it is nearly gone.
From different reasons in last century ocurred a great deforestation...Of course, not only here. Like this, same deforestation is until now at the great and little islands of Indonesia and in Papua and in Melanesia too.
But there are at some places a "Wind of Change"....!
There are a Intiatives to set new trees/new seeds.
So a new from it in the little village Silimalongu, initiatet from Mrs. Ratnali Gultom and Friends... So from here again best wishes...

Here the nice view at Tugu Raja from higher beachway with the ring of trees

Sunday going at Batak church

If in Tanah Batak it is a must to visit the church- pergi ke gereja- at sunday.

Beeing in church at first it can be a little difficult, cause the Bahasa Batak is not equal to Bahasa Indonesia.
But you will like to hear the Chorus in the church, very nice like to hear. Even very nice to see the couloured "pakayan gereja" of the Batak woman, coming to sunday Batak Church service.
And don´t hesitate to come in talk with some words in Bahasa Indonesia... Don`t forget "Horras" (the Batak item for "Hallo")
Here at photos the nice little church in village Silimalongu.

Danau Toba near coastline Samosir with boat

With the fishery boat of the friends family we had the invitation to make a little boat tour along the coast. It is a nice tour seeing the area from water. So dont hesitate to take a wider tour. Rainfall (usual in this area) no problem, all boats have a rain shure underdeck!

View the new Eco Lodge in Silima Lombu

In the May 2015 we visited friends in Tanah Batak north Sumatra....
On Sunday morning at the way along the Silimalongu coastline, we come in talk with Mrs. Ratnali Gultom and Mr. Thomas Heinle.
They are the founder and the owners of the new "Eco-lodge".

At photos the Lodge is at beachway and direct at Danau Toba beach. Nice view far over sea to the opposite beach and mountains. Under the balcony is a fishpond traditional made from stones- with free water-excange to sea. The waterplants (Wasserhyazynthen) are good for to clean the polluted seawater. Crossover of beachway is the traditional village house of the Raja family.
Unfortunately we had only very short stay in Samosir, and so my remarks about the item is only short but interest talking that day. In later at home again I found the this interest Internetside with the so much information about Danau Toba and the interested people at Danau Toba which will give the tropical nature a new chance. (See http://www.ecovillagesamosir.blogspot.de/p/volunteering-i-would-welcome-person.html )

Waterpollution of Danau Toba

Trying to bath in Danau Toba (today in 2015) at some places is not a good advice:
Strong polluted water near the big fishfarmes! Farms from an external (swiss) consortium are at some places in Toba sea- like swimming islands in the sea. Seems harmless- but produces waste in enormous masses.
In this quite nice photo a view over sea.
At this mid of sea there are to see one of the mentioned the big industrial fishfarms. Seems harmlesse but for ecology the Danau Toba very dangerous- here with same view with zoom

It is a pity the Batak Toba people living since history in peace with the Toba sea. And today must search drinking water from the mountains.
So (written in 2015!) avoid drinking water from the danau Toba!
Sometimes the water real brown from swimming flakes, seeming in sunshine so around 1 mm in diameter. No real invitation to bath!! So as tourist try to seach a bath place far away of the fishfarmes- but it is not real an advice,
But for luck there is a future! The year long ecologic initiatives and the wish of the Gouvernment to develop a year of tourism in Danau Toba, at Parapat and Samosir has got in a positive move. In September 2015 was reported, that the gouvernment will stop the licence of the fishfarmes. Anyway it will take time. But there is a hope that in near future the Ecologic situation of the Danau Tobe will be better!

After nice stay back to Parapat

On the way back to Parapat we started in full dark before sunrise at early morning. So our little guest village Sulimalongu become hidden under the blue wall, at least the church and the tugu Raja....

Later at grey weather, the photo shows the great Danau Toba on the way back to Parapat!
At same time from other place in Samosir a ferry with schoolpeople arrived-
Nice just so photo- Horas - cerita ramai ramai di pagi.

Here arrived in Parapat, Jalan Adjibata, at photo the little anchor place where we check out.

In remembering, real too short was our nice stay. So nice little village stay in Samosir.
At Parapat for us a car was waiting next station: Back to Airport Kualanamu Medan.

Danau Toba and Samosir: Pros and Cons

• Pros: Nice place embedded in a Toba sea, real nice quiet places, wishes to come again
• Cons: Very exhausting travel to reach from Medan! In greater tourist areas too busy. Water pollution, industry and even relatet much fishfarmes at Toba sea around.
• In a nutshell: Wish to come again and see more Samosir at next tour!

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