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Ambon Manisé - sweet Ambon town

Ambon town, the capital of Maluku Province in same named double island pulau Ambon

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Ambon Manisè - sweet Ambon town

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Ambon town the capital of Maluku Province, the great long city at the north bay side of the south part of the unique double island. Here the view at the Ambon bay at afternoon.


Comparing with the great citys of Java is Kota Ambon of course the a more little- but quick one will find out Ambon has it special charme-
and one of of this is the music you will hear all around!
So "Ambon manise" (sweet Ambon) itself is a very popular song-
and so Ambon town is often called "Ambon manise" if people missing it, far away from home.


Very nice the Song: "Ole Sio" - about the feeling while staying far from home, far from Ambon thousands of Km distance cause of work and so on, with the deep wish soon able to come back to family. Compare it with the old sea shanty sung homeward"....Rolling home, rolling home, rolling home across the see, rolling home to dear old england ...." it must be the same feeling...

  • *************************************************************************************************

Ole Sio, sayang dilale
apa tempo, balik la kembali
inga Ambon, tanah dumpa darah
lagi Ibu bapak dan saudara

Manakala beta sakit, hati beta tra senang
dudu murung serta tangis, air mata tumpah la
Balik muka kanan kiri, basudarah tiadalah
Sapa-sapa tolong beta, beta ini asing e...

  • *************************************

And real if you had been in Ambon more than two times, it can be,
you will feel same near the tears, if you hear the refrain of Ole Sio: " ...ingat Ambon, tanah dumpa darah...."
Don`t hesitate "You Tube" search with key words( such as "Ole Sio")
Real very nice Maluku Chorus with lyrics - maybe sometimes in Ambon You will understand!
Same maybe with You Tube key words: "TIM UNPATI SOPO-SOPO"


a very good performance of the Chorus/Dance group of Universitas Pattimura Ambon" - indeed, from my view a very nice Performance!

Ambon Bay, Amboina, lights of sun and clouds over the water
Every time the beach of Ambon town has a special view over the bay.
Nice to remember - like this photo with the lights of sun and clouds over the water,
in the quick changing Maluku weather like this at quiet see in afternoon.
The northern peninsula left behind the ship is disappearing under the horizon.

Around the bay are a chain of much little villages and in one, northeast across Ambon bay, near Rumahtiga is the main campus of the
"Universitas Pattimurah Ambon".
Ambon,view over kota Ambon bay to north coast
Ambon at the small double island north of Banda sea.
In the far Jakarta usually the people of Maluku are named Ambonese people.
In the songs and historic kota Ambon is often called "Amboina"..

And last but not least is Ambon the door to Maluku Province of Indonesia.

  • ****************************************************************

After this little intro, here some remarks to this and this

(will be completed with photos soon)

Nice town Ambon - "Ambon manisè"" favorite things

"Ambon Manisé- sweet Amboina"
Nice city, important as capital of Maluku, and not so busy like other greater citys in Indonesia. Ambon is surrounded by a long row of little villages around the Ambon bay. Ambon itself reaches from the beach up to the hills...
from there you will find nice views to the town, to an over the bay and the blue north mountains.
How to Stay:
The time is quick, and so it is not easy to recommend an hotel or how to stay- quick all can change, difficult to give an recommendation- so only some few remarks.
- Just very new (2011) is the SWISSBEL Hotel Ambon, a new hoteltower with much fascilities in the inner city must have a good view from up. But for traveller a little to hight priced and to much airconditioned....
- Just cross over from the SwissBell Hotel, across the street is the older "Hotel Manise", a middle great hotel, maybe build from the 60-ties, so the inside fascilities have some years more. But it is quite ok, but a little loud, cause of Karaoke at weekend.
-In direction to the gouvernors building is the smaller but nice "Hotel Mutiara". Special is the good location, direct near main street, and a shadowed by little green trees around it.
-->>But maybe the best you see and find out by yourself, or in before at Internet- or connect it and ask the taxi driver at airport! My recommendation is to chose a stay in the center area of Ambon, last but not least a good choice cause of short walking distances.
Go around in Ambon:
In the center it is usually easy to reach all, cause in walking distance.
Try also an angkot or inside center of Ambon the becak. Taxi is even good for greater distances or at the mountains or the beachsides. But it needs to speek a little bahasa Indonesia. Be aware- Sunday is traditional a free day "untuk beristirahat" in Ambon and Maluku - so be not surprised that at sunday it is difficult to get an taxi or a chartered car or a boat without check it in before!
Fondest memory: Ambon skyline:
Ususal coming from Pattimurah Airport in Laha and have a little time, so dont hesitate to ask the driver to make a stop at a beachsite across Ambon!
You will have (see the photo)- have a good place to see the Amboina , the "Ambon manisee" over the bay.
It is ever a good place to hold on, try to make a little break.
So at last May 2012 after some long years, able to come again to Ambon, and after seemly endless cold night flight with Batavia Air from Jakarta, we was very glad to see Ambon skyline again, with the glimmer of towers of Ambon Maniseé appearing in the morning haze...

Jalan jalan di Ambon

Ambon is the centre of Province Maluku.
But more a small city comparing with the great citys of Java.

So it is nice to jalan-jalan (walking) in the inner city-
special without the smog and dust that is the problem of the great Indonesia citys now.

Here in the Photo is seen the Jalan Pattimurah, one of the main roads of Ambon inner city.
But if in Ambon on the way , don`t forget payung (umbrella)!
Very quick is a raincloud in the Ambon bay - see last photo. So it needs the deep drain channels besides the street, which make the walking sometimes difficult.

The Kathedral Ambon:

Very interest is a visit at the Gereja Katolik Ambon.

On of the places of worship at sunday-
and every time a good place to have a little rest in the heat of the day.

I recommend simple to ask some people at the office.
They will like to show inside and talk about it.
After renovation very interest to see the statues of Yesus, Petrus, Johanes and other in front of the building. Special for Ambon is Franziscus Xaverius.
Very interest the different views- see the photos: From near the holy Franciscus Xaverius is in front- from distant the statue of Yesus at the highest place.

Directions: Easy to find it in the central city area in Ambon. Easy while walking - at rainy weather take better a becak.

"Local ambonese food in Restaurant Kota Ambon"

Delicious soup and Kopi Susu in Ambon restaurant
In Ambon Manisè you can find so much different restaurants-
so from local Ambon food -
to all around Indonesia food-
until makan Padang!

So I mean every restaurant in Ambon has it specials.

So here a photo - at nice restaurant we found - at photo with a view of typical nice "Makanan Ambon" -
so sate ayam and (very hot) soup ayam dan kenari -
and don`t forget "tee panas dengan gula" and of course the "kopi susu"!

"Georgius Everhard Rumphius Monument in Ambon"

Following the Jalan Patimurah, suddenly you will find a little landmark of Ambon history of 16 century,
the Monument of Georg Everhard Rumphius.
He was a great botanic german netherland scientist in ancient times, see the Photo.
If you cross the street, you will find near the great white Catholic Kathedral
the "Pustaka (library) Rumphius".

Take the time and ask in the library for the (reprint of the)
" Het Amboinisch Kruidboek".
Very interesting in botanic and more.
A worldwide botanic standard in his time more than 3 centuries ago!

"Pustaka Rumphius in Ambon" Ambon

If you are in the city of Ambon, near the Rumpius Monument,
you will find the "Pustaka Rumpius" (library) near the great Catholic Cathedral.
If you are interested in the History of Amboina,
take the time and ask for to see the reprints of the historic
"Amboinisch Kruidboek - Beschrieyving van demeest bekende Boomen, Heesters, Kruiden, Land- en Waterplanten die Men in Amboina....."
of Georgius Everhardus Rumphius, here when we visitet that place at 2007. Here kindly hold and friendly explaint by Mr. M.S.C. De Sol.
Another picture shows a flower of Ambon maybe an orchid name Susana...
Around in the office is a table of G.E.Rumpius.
Pleas see the Photos.....

Gereja Maria Bintang Laut

The Maria Bintang Laut (Star of the sea) -
is a little away for the centre of Ambon city.
Very nice the Maria Bintang Laut Cathedral.
In special the picures and paintings inside too.
From my view as every church, a good place to find a rest and make a little break in the busy whooling of citiys.
My recommondation: Ask in before for the right time, cause it can be temporary closed while the times of worship.
Address: Kota Ambon, Jalan Dr. Malaiholo, Benteng

"Special of Ambon is the Ambonese Music"

Very nice is the music of Ambon.
If you look some surprises for home - so look just in a music store in the town.
Here for instance see photo a casset of Joyce and Ridwan "Nonstop Ambon"-
old and modern songs. In the music shop is much different in music- from folk until modern pop music-
but this "nonstop ambon" is good for an first overview.

Very nice the popular song: "Ole Sio"-

Refr.: Ole Sio sayang di lale
apa tempo balik la kembali
inga Ambon tanah dumpa darah
lagi Ibu, Bapak dan saudara

Manakala beta sakit hati beta tra senang
dudu murung serta tangis air mata tumpah la.
Balik muka kanan kiri, basudarah tiadalah
sapa-sapa tolong beta, beta ini asing e...

Special in Ambon -
maybe at birthdays ore weddings or only together in family -
most people like sing in family, or at karaoke in Hotel,
with guitar or simply just for fun
this folksongs like
"Ole Sio",
"Ayo Mama" ,
"Ambon Manise",
"Wanita Ambon Hitam manis"
"Sayang E"
"Sopo sopo"
Of course today is very easy to hear Ambon Music in the internet-
if interested,
simply look in "YouTube"
don `t hesitate- real very nice!!

Life music in Ambon Restaurants

Special in Ambon is the music of Amboine- and usually such life music in Restaurants you will find – and surprised.

Here as start this nice photo of life music in the restaurant of a great Hotel in center of Ambon.
They two friendly musicians group gave much good nice music -
from world music as well as from Ambon. We like to hear!

In last visit in May 2012 we meet again. The new was special to temporary music of Maluku - here in a great reataurant in Ambon city.

"World Peace Gong"- since 2009 in Ambon, Maluku"

Very new (since 2009, as the table shows) and as you see (in google earth) at very prominent position in east-west direction is the "World Peace Gong" in Ambon- situated north of the central area of Ambon town.
This monument and place may show the great attention for that by the Indonesian and Maluku governement.
In the mid of the Photo here see the Heraldic Figure of Republic of Indonesia (by the way, the heraldic motto of Republic Indonesia is "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika").
In the down the rooms of museum it was (in May 2012) just in renovation,
but we was allowed to make a photo of the innugaration table - see the photo-
with greeting adress from the President of Republic Indonesia, Dr. H.S.B. Yudhoyno

And nice to see, how much contries are remarked here together at the table.
Directions: Ambon central district, straight across the area of building Istana Gubernur Maluku.

"Ambons national hero Christinha Martha Tiahahu"

In travel books photos and at first sightseeing in Ambon you will shure see the monument of Mrs. Christina Martha Tiahahu - the notable Prinses en Vorvegteres van Aboeboe. (Puten dan Pahlawah dari Abubu)
The great monument of Christina with spear and with free hair in the Nordwind of Ambon Bay is well seen from Ambons harbour road at the upper south hills.
Another good place to find out more of her is the "Museum Siwalima" at the westward hills of Ambon.
At the painting in Siwalima you find a very sympathic Christina M. Tiahahu, see the photo. The background of the painting remembers at the fightings around the walls of Fort Dursteede in Pulau Saparua in the year 1817.
At the second painting from anciend waktu belanda, the honoured Signorina Christinha Martha Tiahahu painted (before 1835 from QMR VerHuell) in the historic realistic Netherland style - showing banish time and the wish for freedom- all is the history of Ambonese people inmid the difficulties of the time -
this drawing about time of quarrell in Maluku,
now 200 years ago but in remembering near, is seen in the museum of Fort Benteng Dursteede in Pulau Saparua (the photo was a little difficult to make cause of glass framing of drawing)

In remembering of Maluku people Ms. Christina is one unforgotten national independence hero, together with Kapitan Pattimurah.

"Museum Siwalima:National hero Kapitan Pattimura"

So if you are in Ambon don`t forget to see more so the Museum SIWALIMA. The quite great exibition is worth to see to get an first overview of land and people in and over history in the Maluku area.
There is real a lot of history in and around Maluku and much is connected with the name Kapitan Pattimura (Thomas Matulessy). The "spicy islands" was point of interest of so much conquerors, the VOC was one of them, but look more in wikipedia - it is easy to find out about this.

Here is a painting showing Kapitan Pattimura and his followers with sword and shield- see the small shields, they are a in Maluku a symbol of bravery and determination!
Kapitan Pattimurauh is unforgotten in ambon youth and their music (Hip- Hop) see this (in the background Ambon city with Pattimurah Memorial) see this link Alifuru Hip-Hop Conspiracy ( The Big Zero Feat K-19 ) - Maluku Sing Yoo
This is Ambon too! The painting with Kapitan Pattimurah remembers to the well known Battle of Saparua around the fort Duurstede against the VOC in the year 1817. Near this picture you find the above mentioned picture of malukus women independece hero Martha Christiana Tiahahu.
Address: Museum Siwalima in south west hills of Ambon town

"Becak in Ambon"

Inside Ambon in special for short ways are the becak a good way.
It is cheap- for short ways so 2000 Rp - and makes it easy to go around.
But you should a little tell Bahasa Indonesia- most drivers are not so good in english.

"Going with Angkota (town Bus)"

For exploring Ambon is a good way to take an Angkota (town Bus),
or for short distances in inner town with a becak.
It is usually not so difficult to drive with an Angkota, but it is recommended to drive together with a a indonesian friend or guide, cause it is difficult to find the directions without street map. It is important to know a little of Bahasa Indonesia.

Ambon town is quite difficult, cause it goes from center up to the three hillsides around.
From the hills one has a good view at the roofs and churchtowers of Ambon- see the Photo- and at good weather a good view over the bay to north coastside.
Last picture here two coloured market scenerys, remembering specific sea clima in Ambon- nearly every day it is rain.
and the other at pasar Ikan - Ambon Island in mid the blue seas where fresh fish is an important part of the table.
Last but not least at this Ambon site the view of "pintu Kota Ambon"
here at this place the connection to next blog special to "Pulau Ambon"-......
but to this next time sometimes more!

  • *******************************************

Ambon maniseé - Pros and Cons

• Pros: Nice Capital of Maluku in the east of Indonesia
• Cons: far away in the eastern sea near pacific ocean
• In a nutshell: Saya suka sekali- I like to be there, hope to see Amboina sometimes again

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