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Pulau Ambon over the seven seas - first approach

Visit in Maluku island "Pulau Ambon", the well known island with same samed capital in far nice eastern province of Indonesia

sunny 30 °C

"Pulau Ambon over the seven seas"

Pulau Ambon by ullfri49
(will be completed)
Coming again to Ambon It is for me ever a long awaited review - " Hallo again" Ambon Manisee....
Writing this, just back in April 2017 from a new travel to Maluku and Pulau Ambon again, it will be from my experience difficult and to much to put in one blog. So I will in next mention more, time by time, one part after another.
Same in next to nice Pulau Saparua on of the Lease Islands.
So as first remark this short lines..

View from window over the clouds on the way, over blue Java sea on the way to Ambon

Pulau Ambon- first seeing Ambon island

First steps to pulau Ambon at Pattimura International Airport...
Coming from Ibukota Jakarta it is a time jump of two hours eastward, and from Germany you must count eight hours difference in the winter and seven hours in the summer- a third of a day- real you are now at the other side of the earth near the the Pacific, the Great Ocean.
And real, the north part of Maluku province with Halmahera is at the Melanesian part in the waves of the great wide Pacific Ocean.
Coming out of the airplane, you will feel at the first steps the other kind and feeling.
From the weather - more tropical sea weather seems to me.
In special when coming , seeing the green around at the Ambon town hills and the bluegreen in the haze of the peaks north of Ambon bay.
So different colours compared with dusty gray Jakarta mostly that time...
First after arriving we managed again this photo at the bay-
everytime again we like it to do like here in March 2017
in behind the Ambon town in the haze of the morning.

Staying in Ambon island
Pulau Ambon is the name of the special double Island, connected only by a small land bridge.The town Ambon the capital of Maluku Province is situated at the bay at south part
And often the people talking in far Jakarta about "Ambon"- make not difference between it.
Very quick one will find out it's special charme-
"Ambon Manisé "- much new you will find - and one of of this is the music! (Find out in YouTube).
Of course pulau Ambon, the Ambon Island the door to Maluku Province of Indonesia-
in special to the "Lease Islands" - so the Pulau Haruku and Pulau Saparua are often mentioned, you will have a good start from Ambon.
But this as first, more later, this little only as beginning for this little travel side about Ambon Manisé ---
If interested in more about Ambon town find my remarks at the TP-"Ambon Manisee" .
But the Island is not only the main town, Pulau Ambon has many interest sites.

Pulau Ambon south part
On the southcoast to the Banda sea will you easy find the Pintu Kota Ambon. A nice sighseeing place with som interest views. And in other you will find the a part of undisturbed tropical vegetation.

Not so far away from Pintu Kota is the Santai Beach. Nice bathing place in the waves of Banda sea. Bit difficult cause of unterwater corals until the beach- better everytime take sandals there. Here a typical warung all nice and with Ice!

Ambon bay
Good view over the Ambon bay - here at the photo in the direction of Laha where the Pattimurah International Airport is.

Another sightseeing place in Ambon bay (south coast) is the "Batu Capeo".
Hope Batu Capeo can withstand the tropical waves long time.

Good bye, Ambon Island

Here - last view at north coast of Ambon Island.
One time the travel and time will be over -
and starting with the jet,
again the last view to the north coastline -
until it will disapear in the clouds,
going westward again-
Ambon sudah jauh-
good bye Ambon - sampai jumpa lagi.

Pros and Cons:
• Pros: Pulau Amboina is a very nice tropical Island in the eastern Indonesia
• Cons: But so far away - far over the seven blue seas
• In a nutshell: Ambon Manisè, one wishes to visit and travel again one times again

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Bandung, the great old and new city in West Java

Kota Bandung in Jawa Barat, the old and new university city in the Preanger mountains, - some traveller views over the years

overcast 26 °C

"Kota Bandung, the great new City in West Java" Bandung by ullfri49

(Content yet will be completed)

My impressions in and around Bandung
Shure there is much to write and to say about Bandung, the great capital of West Java. But one special it is there nothing in other great cities: The vulcanos around!

Visiting the vulcano Tangkubanperahu is a must in Bandung. It is a "drive-in Volcano"- very tourist friendly. Here at a sunny day - and so good to see at picture the sulphur stone layers of the volcano. In behind the mountain station with read -white Indonesian flag. Looking south, in the far grey behind, mostly not to see-- the greatest city in West Java: BANDUNG.

In next photo the caldera of Tangkubanperahu is seen- occupied by the usual sightseeing business in Indonesia.

If the weather is not so clear, it can be like this photo - the haze seems to be like between heaven and earth,
At good weather the volcano Tankubanperahu is from central Bandung in north direction good to seen, the caldera has a hight so about 1800 m.
Related to the volcano mountains, since old time is the "Museum Geologi" of interest in different ways- from the time of Holland administration to Indonesias research fields today.
At this photo some years ago, Mrs. Drs. Julianty M. (antropolog), showing a contemporary exposition some times ago.

Next a memorial plate to Mr. Rainder Fennema from 19.th century when working in the outback as geologe was a little more difficult than today.

Bandung, the University Town
And last but not least Bandung in West Java will be maybe all time stay young by of the so much Universities there.
Special for me it is one important: The Institut Teknologi Bandung- the ITB.
At this view the of old historical ITB south entrance, young students and nice colored bougainvillas.

Bandung Astronomy
For me as interested in Astronomy is of course of special interest the Astronomy Department,
connected with the near BOSSCHA OBSERVATORY in Lembang.
it is situated Lembang so at halfway between Bandung and Tangkubanperahu. So if you have time, please don`t hesitate notice the blog "Bosscha Observatory in Bandung, Indonesia"

A caleidoscope from last Bandung travels
Here as first a view of the Bandung City Hall area (kotamaja Bandung).

Bandung in history time and today as Centre of West Java, later than. Bandung is from history not a so old city, became great as "Bandoeng" by the Governors of the Dutch Administration two centuries ago..... some more remarks of all this

...coming next time!

As removing the content from my VT site even some about Bandung will be completed next time but in separate Blogs!
( so as remarks about seeings in and around Bandung, the historic buildings, the hot springs in north mountains near the volcano, the tea plantages around and the "kawah putih"
in south mountains.... so much and anyway - only some little impressions each

  • ******************************************************************************************************

Pros and Cons
• Pros: Bandung -much of historic and today, nice mountain area roundup
• Cons: To much traffic jam, full of much Jakartian Tourists at Weekend...
• In a nutshell: Very interesting City- a must, if want to understand Indonesia!

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Ambon Manisé - sweet Ambon town

Ambon town, the capital of Maluku Province in same named double island pulau Ambon

semi-overcast 31 °C

Ambon Manisè - sweet Ambon town

(will next time be completed)

Ambon town the capital of Maluku Province, the great long city at the north bay side of the south part of the unique double island. Here the view at the Ambon bay at afternoon.


Comparing with the great citys of Java is Kota Ambon of course the a more little- but quick one will find out Ambon has it special charme-
and one of of this is the music you will hear all around!
So "Ambon manise" (sweet Ambon) itself is a very popular song-
and so Ambon town is often called "Ambon manise" if people missing it, far away from home.


Very nice the Song: "Ole Sio" - about the feeling while staying far from home, far from Ambon thousands of Km distance cause of work and so on, with the deep wish soon able to come back to family. Compare it with the old sea shanty sung homeward"....Rolling home, rolling home, rolling home across the see, rolling home to dear old england ...." it must be the same feeling...

  • *************************************************************************************************

Ole Sio, sayang dilale
apa tempo, balik la kembali
inga Ambon, tanah dumpa darah
lagi Ibu bapak dan saudara

Manakala beta sakit, hati beta tra senang
dudu murung serta tangis, air mata tumpah la
Balik muka kanan kiri, basudarah tiadalah
Sapa-sapa tolong beta, beta ini asing e...

  • *************************************

And real if you had been in Ambon more than two times, it can be,
you will feel same near the tears, if you hear the refrain of Ole Sio: " ...ingat Ambon, tanah dumpa darah...."
Don`t hesitate "You Tube" search with key words( such as "Ole Sio")
Real very nice Maluku Chorus with lyrics - maybe sometimes in Ambon You will understand!
Same maybe with You Tube key words: "TIM UNPATI SOPO-SOPO"


a very good performance of the Chorus/Dance group of Universitas Pattimura Ambon" - indeed, from my view a very nice Performance!

Ambon Bay, Amboina, lights of sun and clouds over the water
Every time the beach of Ambon town has a special view over the bay.
Nice to remember - like this photo with the lights of sun and clouds over the water,
in the quick changing Maluku weather like this at quiet see in afternoon.
The northern peninsula left behind the ship is disappearing under the horizon.

Around the bay are a chain of much little villages and in one, northeast across Ambon bay, near Rumahtiga is the main campus of the
"Universitas Pattimurah Ambon".
Ambon,view over kota Ambon bay to north coast
Ambon at the small double island north of Banda sea.
In the far Jakarta usually the people of Maluku are named Ambonese people.
In the songs and historic kota Ambon is often called "Amboina"..

And last but not least is Ambon the door to Maluku Province of Indonesia.

  • ****************************************************************

After this little intro, here some remarks to this and this

(will be completed with photos soon)

Nice town Ambon - "Ambon manisè"" favorite things

"Ambon Manisé- sweet Amboina"
Nice city, important as capital of Maluku, and not so busy like other greater citys in Indonesia. Ambon is surrounded by a long row of little villages around the Ambon bay. Ambon itself reaches from the beach up to the hills...
from there you will find nice views to the town, to an over the bay and the blue north mountains.
How to Stay:
The time is quick, and so it is not easy to recommend an hotel or how to stay- quick all can change, difficult to give an recommendation- so only some few remarks.
- Just very new (2011) is the SWISSBEL Hotel Ambon, a new hoteltower with much fascilities in the inner city must have a good view from up. But for traveller a little to hight priced and to much airconditioned....
- Just cross over from the SwissBell Hotel, across the street is the older "Hotel Manise", a middle great hotel, maybe build from the 60-ties, so the inside fascilities have some years more. But it is quite ok, but a little loud, cause of Karaoke at weekend.
-In direction to the gouvernors building is the smaller but nice "Hotel Mutiara". Special is the good location, direct near main street, and a shadowed by little green trees around it.
-->>But maybe the best you see and find out by yourself, or in before at Internet- or connect it and ask the taxi driver at airport! My recommendation is to chose a stay in the center area of Ambon, last but not least a good choice cause of short walking distances.
Go around in Ambon:
In the center it is usually easy to reach all, cause in walking distance.
Try also an angkot or inside center of Ambon the becak. Taxi is even good for greater distances or at the mountains or the beachsides. But it needs to speek a little bahasa Indonesia. Be aware- Sunday is traditional a free day "untuk beristirahat" in Ambon and Maluku - so be not surprised that at sunday it is difficult to get an taxi or a chartered car or a boat without check it in before!
Fondest memory: Ambon skyline:
Ususal coming from Pattimurah Airport in Laha and have a little time, so dont hesitate to ask the driver to make a stop at a beachsite across Ambon!
You will have (see the photo)- have a good place to see the Amboina , the "Ambon manisee" over the bay.
It is ever a good place to hold on, try to make a little break.
So at last May 2012 after some long years, able to come again to Ambon, and after seemly endless cold night flight with Batavia Air from Jakarta, we was very glad to see Ambon skyline again, with the glimmer of towers of Ambon Maniseé appearing in the morning haze...

Jalan jalan di Ambon

Ambon is the centre of Province Maluku.
But more a small city comparing with the great citys of Java.

So it is nice to jalan-jalan (walking) in the inner city-
special without the smog and dust that is the problem of the great Indonesia citys now.

Here in the Photo is seen the Jalan Pattimurah, one of the main roads of Ambon inner city.
But if in Ambon on the way , don`t forget payung (umbrella)!
Very quick is a raincloud in the Ambon bay - see last photo. So it needs the deep drain channels besides the street, which make the walking sometimes difficult.

The Kathedral Ambon:

Very interest is a visit at the Gereja Katolik Ambon.

On of the places of worship at sunday-
and every time a good place to have a little rest in the heat of the day.

I recommend simple to ask some people at the office.
They will like to show inside and talk about it.
After renovation very interest to see the statues of Yesus, Petrus, Johanes and other in front of the building. Special for Ambon is Franziscus Xaverius.
Very interest the different views- see the photos: From near the holy Franciscus Xaverius is in front- from distant the statue of Yesus at the highest place.

Directions: Easy to find it in the central city area in Ambon. Easy while walking - at rainy weather take better a becak.

"Local ambonese food in Restaurant Kota Ambon"

Delicious soup and Kopi Susu in Ambon restaurant
In Ambon Manisè you can find so much different restaurants-
so from local Ambon food -
to all around Indonesia food-
until makan Padang!

So I mean every restaurant in Ambon has it specials.

So here a photo - at nice restaurant we found - at photo with a view of typical nice "Makanan Ambon" -
so sate ayam and (very hot) soup ayam dan kenari -
and don`t forget "tee panas dengan gula" and of course the "kopi susu"!

"Georgius Everhard Rumphius Monument in Ambon"

Following the Jalan Patimurah, suddenly you will find a little landmark of Ambon history of 16 century,
the Monument of Georg Everhard Rumphius.
He was a great botanic german netherland scientist in ancient times, see the Photo.
If you cross the street, you will find near the great white Catholic Kathedral
the "Pustaka (library) Rumphius".

Take the time and ask in the library for the (reprint of the)
" Het Amboinisch Kruidboek".
Very interesting in botanic and more.
A worldwide botanic standard in his time more than 3 centuries ago!

"Pustaka Rumphius in Ambon" Ambon

If you are in the city of Ambon, near the Rumpius Monument,
you will find the "Pustaka Rumpius" (library) near the great Catholic Cathedral.
If you are interested in the History of Amboina,
take the time and ask for to see the reprints of the historic
"Amboinisch Kruidboek - Beschrieyving van demeest bekende Boomen, Heesters, Kruiden, Land- en Waterplanten die Men in Amboina....."
of Georgius Everhardus Rumphius, here when we visitet that place at 2007. Here kindly hold and friendly explaint by Mr. M.S.C. De Sol.
Another picture shows a flower of Ambon maybe an orchid name Susana...
Around in the office is a table of G.E.Rumpius.
Pleas see the Photos.....

Gereja Maria Bintang Laut

The Maria Bintang Laut (Star of the sea) -
is a little away for the centre of Ambon city.
Very nice the Maria Bintang Laut Cathedral.
In special the picures and paintings inside too.
From my view as every church, a good place to find a rest and make a little break in the busy whooling of citiys.
My recommondation: Ask in before for the right time, cause it can be temporary closed while the times of worship.
Address: Kota Ambon, Jalan Dr. Malaiholo, Benteng

"Special of Ambon is the Ambonese Music"

Very nice is the music of Ambon.
If you look some surprises for home - so look just in a music store in the town.
Here for instance see photo a casset of Joyce and Ridwan "Nonstop Ambon"-
old and modern songs. In the music shop is much different in music- from folk until modern pop music-
but this "nonstop ambon" is good for an first overview.

Very nice the popular song: "Ole Sio"-

Refr.: Ole Sio sayang di lale
apa tempo balik la kembali
inga Ambon tanah dumpa darah
lagi Ibu, Bapak dan saudara

Manakala beta sakit hati beta tra senang
dudu murung serta tangis air mata tumpah la.
Balik muka kanan kiri, basudarah tiadalah
sapa-sapa tolong beta, beta ini asing e...

Special in Ambon -
maybe at birthdays ore weddings or only together in family -
most people like sing in family, or at karaoke in Hotel,
with guitar or simply just for fun
this folksongs like
"Ole Sio",
"Ayo Mama" ,
"Ambon Manise",
"Wanita Ambon Hitam manis"
"Sayang E"
"Sopo sopo"
Of course today is very easy to hear Ambon Music in the internet-
if interested,
simply look in "YouTube"
don `t hesitate- real very nice!!

Life music in Ambon Restaurants

Special in Ambon is the music of Amboine- and usually such life music in Restaurants you will find – and surprised.

Here as start this nice photo of life music in the restaurant of a great Hotel in center of Ambon.
They two friendly musicians group gave much good nice music -
from world music as well as from Ambon. We like to hear!

In last visit in May 2012 we meet again. The new was special to temporary music of Maluku - here in a great reataurant in Ambon city.

"World Peace Gong"- since 2009 in Ambon, Maluku"

Very new (since 2009, as the table shows) and as you see (in google earth) at very prominent position in east-west direction is the "World Peace Gong" in Ambon- situated north of the central area of Ambon town.
This monument and place may show the great attention for that by the Indonesian and Maluku governement.
In the mid of the Photo here see the Heraldic Figure of Republic of Indonesia (by the way, the heraldic motto of Republic Indonesia is "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika").
In the down the rooms of museum it was (in May 2012) just in renovation,
but we was allowed to make a photo of the innugaration table - see the photo-
with greeting adress from the President of Republic Indonesia, Dr. H.S.B. Yudhoyno

And nice to see, how much contries are remarked here together at the table.
Directions: Ambon central district, straight across the area of building Istana Gubernur Maluku.

"Ambons national hero Christinha Martha Tiahahu"

In travel books photos and at first sightseeing in Ambon you will shure see the monument of Mrs. Christina Martha Tiahahu - the notable Prinses en Vorvegteres van Aboeboe. (Puten dan Pahlawah dari Abubu)
The great monument of Christina with spear and with free hair in the Nordwind of Ambon Bay is well seen from Ambons harbour road at the upper south hills.
Another good place to find out more of her is the "Museum Siwalima" at the westward hills of Ambon.
At the painting in Siwalima you find a very sympathic Christina M. Tiahahu, see the photo. The background of the painting remembers at the fightings around the walls of Fort Dursteede in Pulau Saparua in the year 1817.
At the second painting from anciend waktu belanda, the honoured Signorina Christinha Martha Tiahahu painted (before 1835 from QMR VerHuell) in the historic realistic Netherland style - showing banish time and the wish for freedom- all is the history of Ambonese people inmid the difficulties of the time -
this drawing about time of quarrell in Maluku,
now 200 years ago but in remembering near, is seen in the museum of Fort Benteng Dursteede in Pulau Saparua (the photo was a little difficult to make cause of glass framing of drawing)

In remembering of Maluku people Ms. Christina is one unforgotten national independence hero, together with Kapitan Pattimurah.

"Museum Siwalima:National hero Kapitan Pattimura"

So if you are in Ambon don`t forget to see more so the Museum SIWALIMA. The quite great exibition is worth to see to get an first overview of land and people in and over history in the Maluku area.
There is real a lot of history in and around Maluku and much is connected with the name Kapitan Pattimura (Thomas Matulessy). The "spicy islands" was point of interest of so much conquerors, the VOC was one of them, but look more in wikipedia - it is easy to find out about this.

Here is a painting showing Kapitan Pattimura and his followers with sword and shield- see the small shields, they are a in Maluku a symbol of bravery and determination!
Kapitan Pattimurauh is unforgotten in ambon youth and their music (Hip- Hop) see this (in the background Ambon city with Pattimurah Memorial) see this link Alifuru Hip-Hop Conspiracy ( The Big Zero Feat K-19 ) - Maluku Sing Yoo
This is Ambon too! The painting with Kapitan Pattimurah remembers to the well known Battle of Saparua around the fort Duurstede against the VOC in the year 1817. Near this picture you find the above mentioned picture of malukus women independece hero Martha Christiana Tiahahu.
Address: Museum Siwalima in south west hills of Ambon town

"Becak in Ambon"

Inside Ambon in special for short ways are the becak a good way.
It is cheap- for short ways so 2000 Rp - and makes it easy to go around.
But you should a little tell Bahasa Indonesia- most drivers are not so good in english.

"Going with Angkota (town Bus)"

For exploring Ambon is a good way to take an Angkota (town Bus),
or for short distances in inner town with a becak.
It is usually not so difficult to drive with an Angkota, but it is recommended to drive together with a a indonesian friend or guide, cause it is difficult to find the directions without street map. It is important to know a little of Bahasa Indonesia.

Ambon town is quite difficult, cause it goes from center up to the three hillsides around.
From the hills one has a good view at the roofs and churchtowers of Ambon- see the Photo- and at good weather a good view over the bay to north coastside.
Last picture here two coloured market scenerys, remembering specific sea clima in Ambon- nearly every day it is rain.
and the other at pasar Ikan - Ambon Island in mid the blue seas where fresh fish is an important part of the table.
Last but not least at this Ambon site the view of "pintu Kota Ambon"
here at this place the connection to next blog special to "Pulau Ambon"-......
but to this next time sometimes more!

  • *******************************************

Ambon maniseé - Pros and Cons

• Pros: Nice Capital of Maluku in the east of Indonesia
• Cons: far away in the eastern sea near pacific ocean
• In a nutshell: Saya suka sekali- I like to be there, hope to see Amboina sometimes again

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Pulau Samosir, first approach

Samosir, Indonesia, North Sumatra. Great Island inside a praehhistoric vulkan sea. My first visit in Pulau Samosir 2015

overcast 23 °C

Our first visit in Pulau Samosir.

Here some remarks about wounderful stay at this special island in the Danau Toba.
Five nice days in Tanah Batak in May 2015.
Nice remembers to Pulau Samosir. Short time only...

(This article will soon completed with additional views).

Like photo shows, the view at the Danau Toba is real great while realising that is here in so about 700 m over sea level roundup with mountains.
First photo here while on the way around Danau Toba


Next here great from a viewpoint near Merek, far over inland sea level..

Near Parapat we see the entrance door to this regional center at Danau Toba

At little harbour site in Jln. Ajibata we take a ferry and start in this biggest inland sea in Indonesia.
On sea level the view is great in special to north /south direction seems no horizont.


Inmid the sea we changed the ferry- not so easy, but the sea was without waves, and it seems it was a usual procedure there. All ships at Danau Toba are good connected via handprone. (Sms and phonecalls usually going, but of course internet only near the "Menara Telcom" near greater villages.)


Following an invitation of our friends, we quick arrived to Silimau Lombu - on of the little villages in Samosir southeast coast.
As usual at Silimalombu the coast area place was usually very small with a nice ways and nice views over the sea - one better than another!
Over it a coastwall the land is rising 200 until 300m up to of the higher inner area of Pulau Samosir (in earlier time the center of the ancient Toba volcano).

Nice view from beachside to the Tugu Raja

Map of Danau Toba

Only a map (like here at photo about the Danau Toba geopark) allows to overview this island in the old volcano. The Samosir is quasi the old central mountain in the mid of the Caldera of the prehistoric Toba volcano. If want to see more (in Bahasa Indonesia)

Weather in Danau Toba

At coast can be nice weather maybe a little breeze- the microclima in windshadow of the wall and under the big trees.

Just 50 metres at open water the full sea wind will affect boat and passengers. So if you like sitting at the top, don`t forget a pullover!
Additional is the Danau Toba is so 700 metres over sea level- so of course a little colder before sunrise!
Sometimes at the mountain some white clouds- looks very nice with big trees in front.

Jalan Jalan di Pantai Sanosir

Every time a good idea wandering at the beachpath in little village Silimalombu, following the beachsite.
The place between the mountain and the beach is small, but nice to remember now, more than a half year home again far away.

Near the honorable Mango trees or under the colourful red flowered Hibiscus at beach are quiet place to have a rest in the heat of the day. Nice to remember sitting under the whispering trees the storys of Danau Toba...-

Inside village nice views..

Nice Beachway at Desa Silimalombu

Near the little village we stay, are nice ways connecting the villages each other . The street connecting the villages goes a little higher. So we had here a nice undisturbing way for walking under the mighty trees.

Nice places to have a rest and see over the Danau Toba from north to southeast.
The view from the mountain over it might be better but unreachable without good shoes!

In front fishery sight- the fisherman of village have a dock to dry fishes - Ikan-Ikan, wild fishes of danau Toba - one special of Danau Toba.

Last photo shows an nice little fishpond of the village people.
By the way- there is real better, more clear water (maybe by the green waterhyazynts).

Nice old tropical Trees

In some areas, so around our little village Silimau Longu much old honourable Mango trees are still there-
the familys of the Raja and the villagers save them.

Remembering my first impression standing at seeing point near Merek in Danau Toba north: Not much much tropical trees, special at the hillsides....The great belt of trees around Danau Toba, the "jungle" which was described so more than 150 years ago by the first Missionars like Msg. Dr. Nommensen or by first travellers - now it seems, it is nearly gone.
From different reasons in last century ocurred a great deforestation...Of course, not only here. Like this, same deforestation is until now at the great and little islands of Indonesia and in Papua and in Melanesia too.
But there are at some places a "Wind of Change"....!
There are a Intiatives to set new trees/new seeds.
So a new from it in the little village Silimalongu, initiatet from Mrs. Ratnali Gultom and Friends... So from here again best wishes...

Here the nice view at Tugu Raja from higher beachway with the ring of trees

Sunday going at Batak church

If in Tanah Batak it is a must to visit the church- pergi ke gereja- at sunday.

Beeing in church at first it can be a little difficult, cause the Bahasa Batak is not equal to Bahasa Indonesia.
But you will like to hear the Chorus in the church, very nice like to hear. Even very nice to see the couloured "pakayan gereja" of the Batak woman, coming to sunday Batak Church service.
And don´t hesitate to come in talk with some words in Bahasa Indonesia... Don`t forget "Horras" (the Batak item for "Hallo")
Here at photos the nice little church in village Silimalongu.

Danau Toba near coastline Samosir with boat

With the fishery boat of the friends family we had the invitation to make a little boat tour along the coast. It is a nice tour seeing the area from water. So dont hesitate to take a wider tour. Rainfall (usual in this area) no problem, all boats have a rain shure underdeck!

View the new Eco Lodge in Silima Lombu

In the May 2015 we visited friends in Tanah Batak north Sumatra....
On Sunday morning at the way along the Silimalongu coastline, we come in talk with Mrs. Ratnali Gultom and Mr. Thomas Heinle.
They are the founder and the owners of the new "Eco-lodge".

At photos the Lodge is at beachway and direct at Danau Toba beach. Nice view far over sea to the opposite beach and mountains. Under the balcony is a fishpond traditional made from stones- with free water-excange to sea. The waterplants (Wasserhyazynthen) are good for to clean the polluted seawater. Crossover of beachway is the traditional village house of the Raja family.
Unfortunately we had only very short stay in Samosir, and so my remarks about the item is only short but interest talking that day. In later at home again I found the this interest Internetside with the so much information about Danau Toba and the interested people at Danau Toba which will give the tropical nature a new chance. (See http://www.ecovillagesamosir.blogspot.de/p/volunteering-i-would-welcome-person.html )

Waterpollution of Danau Toba

Trying to bath in Danau Toba (today in 2015) at some places is not a good advice:
Strong polluted water near the big fishfarmes! Farms from an external (swiss) consortium are at some places in Toba sea- like swimming islands in the sea. Seems harmless- but produces waste in enormous masses.
In this quite nice photo a view over sea.
At this mid of sea there are to see one of the mentioned the big industrial fishfarms. Seems harmlesse but for ecology the Danau Toba very dangerous- here with same view with zoom

It is a pity the Batak Toba people living since history in peace with the Toba sea. And today must search drinking water from the mountains.
So (written in 2015!) avoid drinking water from the danau Toba!
Sometimes the water real brown from swimming flakes, seeming in sunshine so around 1 mm in diameter. No real invitation to bath!! So as tourist try to seach a bath place far away of the fishfarmes- but it is not real an advice,
But for luck there is a future! The year long ecologic initiatives and the wish of the Gouvernment to develop a year of tourism in Danau Toba, at Parapat and Samosir has got in a positive move. In September 2015 was reported, that the gouvernment will stop the licence of the fishfarmes. Anyway it will take time. But there is a hope that in near future the Ecologic situation of the Danau Tobe will be better!

After nice stay back to Parapat

On the way back to Parapat we started in full dark before sunrise at early morning. So our little guest village Sulimalongu become hidden under the blue wall, at least the church and the tugu Raja....

Later at grey weather, the photo shows the great Danau Toba on the way back to Parapat!
At same time from other place in Samosir a ferry with schoolpeople arrived-
Nice just so photo- Horas - cerita ramai ramai di pagi.

Here arrived in Parapat, Jalan Adjibata, at photo the little anchor place where we check out.

In remembering, real too short was our nice stay. So nice little village stay in Samosir.
At Parapat for us a car was waiting next station: Back to Airport Kualanamu Medan.

Danau Toba and Samosir: Pros and Cons

• Pros: Nice place embedded in a Toba sea, real nice quiet places, wishes to come again
• Cons: Very exhausting travel to reach from Medan! In greater tourist areas too busy. Water pollution, industry and even relatet much fishfarmes at Toba sea around.
• In a nutshell: Wish to come again and see more Samosir at next tour!

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The Bosscha Observatory in Bandung

Astronomy in Indonesia at ITB Bandung

sunny 25 °C

"Astronomy in Indonesia- the Bosscha Observatory" Bandung
Travelogue by ullfri49

The Bosscha Observatory north of Bandung

Photo: Bosscha Telescope Building
If you are in Bandung and if you are interested in Astronomy like me, there is a visit at Boscha Observatory in Lembang is a must!

Of course in internet time - please see the new Bosscha side of ITB:


Additional :
You can visit Bosscha at Facebook:

Much interest is to find here. It is mostly in Bahasa Indonesia, but for a traveller should it be not problem and in internet time a first translation for an overview can mostly given by the net itself.

Visitors time is mostly at saturday morning - and at good weather for visitors open, so one or more times in the month, so around 9 o`clock a "visitors day"- so you can attend easy.
But better ask in before by phone at the observatory hill: (0062) 22 2786001 - cause in last time much visitors or and groups like to see the Observatory at the guiding time.

At Hari Raja/Hari Libur - at the public or religious holidays the Bosscha Observatory is closed for visitors, in special at the month of Ramadan.

The Observatory place is so about 1300m in hight- if you arrive in early morning or stay at the special open day with evening public views at Refractors until midnight - the weather will be - very suddenly - very could!
So remember the Alpes or other mountains- take a good pullover with you, if going in the hights of the Preanger mountains!

Transportation: Up to Lembang and not firm with transportation (the relay stations with whooling searching the next), better take a Taxi.
For the Map see the internetside of Bosscha Observatory

Back to Bandung is easy. From the observatory montain you can walk easy so 1 km down. Or ask if there someone can help you with ojek (little motorcycle) people like to offer.. Down from observatory mountain, from main street in Lembang take an "angkota" down to Bandung.
Than is only one relay in "Lendeng" - there ask for the angkota to "City Hall"- and you are quick back near the north urban center of Bandung (near the House of Mayor of Bandung city).

Bosscha Observatory under the south stars of Java

Photor: Visitors Day

Here at saturday morning at "visitors day" at the door of observatory dome- Pintu ke gedung Teropong Carl-Zeiss-Jena. At photo just the moment of opening the door to the main building.

Again, it is real interesting (special for me interested in Astronomy), how good its mechanic hold ready working over the time.
The double Refraktor with the two 60 cm Lense systems and a focal distance ("titik api") of 10,7 m and all engineering around was 1928 build in the well known Carl-Zeiss-Company in old University town Jena, Thueringen, Germany.

The double refractor is looking like a very great "binokular" in stereo - but it is not in real so: The background is the astronomers need to see at same times the starlight in different wavelights (colours of the starlight).
In older times (last century) it works only with special photofilm (or glass plates). Today it is much easier with the use of special sensitive digital cameras to catch the starlight. So the astronomers in Bosscha do the same.

At open days and good weather it is even allowed for the visitors to have a short view not only the Telecope, able to look with your own eyes to moon and the great planets. A direct view, without video or digital camera. A direct view like the Astronomers in past "Bosscha Sterrenwacht".

By the way the Direktor of "Bosscha Stetterenwacht" that first time was the Dutch Astronomer Mr. VOUTE.

After the going round there is a now a shop, where you can look for some souvenirs and cards. You can ask the staff for more information in Bahasa Indonesia and/or in English about the history and the today of the Bosscha Observatory.

Bosscha Observatory near Lembang, inside Building

Photo: Carl-Zeiss-Jena Doppelrefraktor

The Bosscha Observatory in Lembang is now part of the
Jurasan Astronomy, Fakultas Matematika dan Ilmu Pengetahuan Alam
of the Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB).

The Beginning was the Nederlandse "Bosscha Sterrenwacht" in 1929, with focus in seach for and measuring of double Stars.

The dutch astronomer Mr. Dr. Voute became the first Direktor if the Observatory. It should be mentioned, that Bosscha Observatory was until the late 30-ties one of the greatest Observatorys in the Southern Hemisphere.

In the than changing and difficult times of war and transition it seems to be a wonder that there was everytime some Great People who took attention for the save of Bosscha observatory.

Again, by the great Attention again since 1949. in special of the Indonesian, Japanese and Dutch Astronomers is the Bosscha Observatory with the Carl-Zeiss-Jena-Doppelrefraktor working until now -
and is now with shure one of the National Treasures of Republik Indonesia.

The last long year director of the Astronomy Department of ITB (Jurusan Astronomi) was Professor Dr. BAMBANG HIDAYAT.

For more about Bosscha Observatory please see the following VT Internet remarks and - of course - the official Internet sides of ITB Bandung.

Bosscha Observatory near Lembang, Doppelrefraktor

Photo: Okular & Kamera at Bosscha Carl-Zeiss-Jena Doppelrefraktor

Here the view side of Carl-Zeiss-Jena Doppelrefraktor.

Good to see the until now working mechanics- shure by the great attention by the astronomers and engineer there.

The filmplates are, as at the moment picture seen, replaced by digital cameras.

In the 30-ties Bosscha Observatory was one of the important observatorys in south hemisphere - like this article remarks:

ASTRONOMY AND ASTROPHYSICS July 10, 2003 Floor van Leeuwen et al. Proper motions in w Centauri:
“......over the period March 1931 till June 1937, 437 photographic images of w Centauri were obtained with the Yale-Columbia 66 cm(26 inch) refractor at the Union Observatory in Johannesburg, South Africa.
A further 33 plates were obtained with the Lembang 60 cm double refractor (Bosscha Observatory, Voute, 1931)….”

Bosscha Observatory near Lembang, the refraktor

Photo: Mount and Drive of Bosscha “Bamberg Refraktor “

Older as the "Doppelrefraktor" and real historic is the 37 cm lense diameter "Bamberg Refraktor" with a focal distance of 7 m and english mount.

Interesting to see and at photo a left in background - the motion runs all in mechanics, without electicity- energy from heavy weights at chains- like an old tower watch.

And real, it is in one kind like a (star) watch, cause regulating the motion of the Refractor exact following the "Sternzeit" the turn of the sigh of the zodiac.

Mechanical all, cause in the beginning of last century the astronomers had not stable electricity at observatory mountain.

See even the roof- it can be push away, but must resist the tropical rain!

Bosscha Observatory-Mr. J.Voute,the first Direktor

Photo Painting: Mr J. Voute

On the observatory area before the old observatory buildings a Monument remembers of on the founders of the Observatory, Mr. K.A.R. BOSSCHA.
Inside the Observatory building we was shown a copy of a portrait painting from the first direktor of Boscha Sterrenwacht- Mr. J. G. VOUTE.
The astronomer is seen before the Carl-Zeiss-Jena Doppelrefraktor.
By using the Bosscha Doppelrefraktor, Mr Voute was very engaged and with great accuracy in the reseach of double stars and variable stars in southern hemisphere.
In the scientific Star Catalogues of southern stars and of course now in Internet you can find his name until now.

ITB, Director Bosscha and Minor Planet 12176Hidayat

Photo: Central place in ITB

The Bosscha Observatory is now part of the ITB Bandung.
Here the Astronomy Department, situated in the building No.5 at the north part of Campus of ITB Bandung .
It should be mentioned that of course now the Astronomy is worldwide, the astronomers usually have many cooperations.
And at this point mentioned too, even now it is of very great interest for the scientists to search and compare the old photo plates (so of the Bosscha photo plates in the 30- and 40-ties) with the star views today, for instance for reseach of time variations and movements of the stars.

So much astronomic work in international and national area and in special for the direktor - let me mention special Professor Dr. Bambang Hidayat.

Last was good to hear that the International Astronomical Union (IAU) paid the attention to it and named some minor planets (in a path between Jupiter and Mars) the last direktors of Bosscha Observatory-
one special to Professor Dr. Bambang Hidayat,
the long year MENTOR of Astronomy in the Republik INDONESIA:

12176 Hidayat / 3468 T-3
Bambang Hidayat promotor astronomi di Indonesia. Ia dikenal dalam pekerjaannya di bidang bintang ganda tampak dan bintang dengan garis emisi H. Ia juga menjadi direktur Observatorium Bosscha di Lembang dari 1968 – 1999 dan menjadi Wakil Presiden IAU dari 1994 – 2000.

(source: www/langitselatan.com)

Bosscha Observatory and Bandungs light pollution

Old Painting: Bosscha & Preanger Mountains

In old times it was a very good place for the Observatory in Lembang. Not far from Bandung, a good seeing- so 200 clear nights a year- and quite tectonical shure- no problems with the near volcanos.That was 1930.

See the volcanos at picture of the old painting. Excuse the photo is a little unsharp, but it brings it to the point, that is a problem for Bosscha Observatory now: The "light pollution", and the Smog of urbanisation.

Unfortunately light pollution it is after 2000 an usual problem for most observatorys all over the world- so today astronomers have to go far away of civilisation to places with clear dark nights in deserts like Chile and/or hight mountains...

Here in Bosscha the great million city Bandung and small town Lembang are too near. At night the smog glows from the thousands of night streetlights and industrial lights - this all is restricts the "seeing" at day and special at night.

So please see here the old painting - even at good weather (so I was assured) today is not more able to see the great volcanos (one is Mt. Gede if I' m right)- in the 30-ties of last century the volcano was choosed by the painter as an good background for the "Bosscha Sterrenwacht".

The light pollution reduces the seeing of the night stars... So it would be good find a way to interest the people to restrict the light pollution in special by the lights of town Lembang (now around and very near to observatory hill). At the place should it be mentioned, in September 2006 (just before I was there) was a very good article in THE JAKARTA POST about Bosscha, this problems and Bosscha Observatory now.

Now for popular Astronomy in Indonesia some engaged Astronomers of the Bosscha Observatory created new internetsides in "Bahasa Indonesia" (in the indonesia language) so hopefully for much interested indonesia people, special young people will find a new door to Astronomy.
Please don`t hesitate to seach in


Photo: Inside Bosscha Observatory

Don´t forget: Please visit Bosscha at Facebook:

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